The rapid evolution of technologies is shaping our societies and understanding of architecture discipline at all fronts. The computational development in fields such as Machine Learning, Data Mining, enables the creation of cognitive networks that could perceive current social conditions, plan, decide, act on every changing scenario, learn from the consequences of its actions, and recognize future patterns out of complex activity networks. Connecting the enriching past, disruptive present and navigation of the future, digital technologies has allowed architecture to sprawl out of the static box. Capability of adapting to the complex social environmental challenges, prototyping and verifying the physical solution along the rapidly drifting realities has become a core challenges to the architecture discipline.
The advancing technologies is allowing the generation a new framework of digital workflows that engages the rising challenges from all angles. The learning network that recognize patterns from massive data, rapid prototyping system that flexibly iterated innovative physical solutions, and the adaptive design method to address the dynamic future, together contribute to a system frame work of architecture discipline that potentially could learns from the past (situations, plans, decisions, actions) and uses this knowledge to consciously adapt the design and evolve toward the none static future.

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